Aaron Carter’s Family Rules Out Suicide | TMZ Live

Foreign A lot of theories from Aaron Carter fans Trying to figure out what happened Before his death and some of them have Been floating this Theory and again fans Start they use things from social media Things that they've seen Um Aaron actually say and their theory Is that he was depressed heading into The holidays and that he took his own Life but that theory is not sitting well With his family and they say there's Plenty of evidence that that just was Not the case yeah you guys so basically The big fan theory was that this was Intentional by Aaron and many of their Reasons include that he was on and off With Melanie that they were not in a Good place that he had recently lost Custody of his son prince who hadn't Even turned one yet and that his tour Hadn't been doing well and he was not You know he wasn't doing good Financially so a lot of people thought That maybe he did this on purpose However like you said Charles I've Spoken to Um Family sources who told me that they Believe this was just simply a tragic Accident and also he had many plans Actually for this week that he was Engaging in that he was supposed to be Doing he had a meeting with a social Worker that was supposed to be happening

This week he had plans to or Arrangements to see his son which he Loved his son he was um you know having Very open communication to seeing his Son this week and also he was in a good Place with Melanie they talked about Spending the holidays together which is Interesting because another fan uh Theory was that one of his last posts The caption had said happy holidays uh I Hope you guys have I hope you guys have A good happy holiday kind of meaning Like he wasn't going to be around for The holidays so the fans took that as Like him sort of as a sign off like yeah Like a goodbye I hope you guys have a Good holiday yeah exactly it could also Just be that he was wishing his fans Well exactly which is what the family You know people close to the family are Telling me so yeah it just everyone Believes this was just a tragic accident You know everyone close to him believes That and you know hopefully we'll find Out soon exactly what happened well and Also law enforcement says there were There was no note left behind I mean This every Everything points to an Accidental an accident in that bathroom Uh and uh that's kind of where it stands Question from Virginia and I think that Mental health isn't as one-dimensional As people make it out to be and that you Could have it all and still want to end

It but I think right now we should just Let the family grieve yeah I mean the Police have some work to do the coroner Has work to do with toxicology tests but That is what's happening

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