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Foreign News for sneaker heads or how this I Don't know how it plays out but Adidas By the way as a consumer I'm really Interested in what you have to say Because I'm interested in this uh-huh All right well uh the big news my tennis Shoes are wearing out is that Adidas Is going to be selling easies uh next Year they will roll out easy designs I Should say they're they are shoes that Were designed by Kanye and his team uh Before their partnership was dissolved Um they own Adidas that is owns the Designs that's part of the contract so They're going to be selling these they Just won't be branded Yeezy it'll be Adidas with Adidas markings now Adidas Came out and said we're not paying Kanye Anything even though we're using the Design because we own it but we found Out some things That when they made this deal uh the Deal was that they could do exactly what They're going to do what Charles just Said that they can release Um Yeezys without that branding but According to the deal they signed and We've got this from sources who were Connected to all this to connected to The deal That Kanye still gets a fee it's a Reduced fee from what he would have Gotten if it were branded but still gets

A fee now we contacted Adidas and they Were very clear to us they said he is Getting no money zero zilch no money So the question if the contract says he Gets a reduced fee how can they do this Without giving up without lining Kanye's Pockets yeah so there there has to be an Answer right number one they could just Be flat in the contract and daring Kanye To sue them but that seems foolhardy Right it's Connie's right willing to sue Somebody two there could be a morals Clause in the contract if he acts a Certain way then they can get out from Under the contract uh the third Possibility is that there's some sort of Argument that they would have that Kanye By all of his Antics and by saying that He wanted to get out from under the Contract with Adidas saying he didn't Want to work with them anymore they're Saying that's what's called anticipatory Breach basically I've announced my Intention not to perform another Contract that gives the other party the Right to say I'm not going to perform Either what's interesting about this is For Adidas they have to I mean I look You know why they want to make it clear They are not paying him anything because They don't want look they when they cut The cut ties with him their concern was That there was going to be a boycott There were that was something that was

Trending boycott Adidas right so they Don't want it out there they they want To make it clear they're not paying it Because they don't want people to Boycott when they sell these designs so Is it true as a consumer is it Treacherous territory to sell his design Because will people even if you're not Paying him you're not looking at you're Not looking at The Branding you're Looking at the shoe right but you know That the shoe is designed by Kanye so is That for people who are going to boycott Do you still say right well Kanye Designed it I know you're not paying him But I'm not wearing it just on principle Alone Charles I don't even think many I Mean obviously people will buy it but I Don't think that there's going to be Some I don't think so you know it's I was Trying to try to put this into words There's nothing special about Yeezys Right it's they're they're comfortable They're light Um but there's not there's no crazy Technology there's nothing that they do Different than a Nike or a new balancer A Reebok whatever the shoe brand these Were about uh it was a status symbol to Have a Yeezy to wear a Yeezy and you Were cool and it meant you had something That a lot of other people couldn't have Because it was so exclusive that's all

Gone now and I you know it's just a shoe Otherwise yeah I don't think anyone's Gonna care I have a different take on This I think that if Adidas does this And by the way one of the reasons They're doing it is they've anticipated A 250 million dollar loss because of of What happened if they do it and it fails Is it a feather in Kanye's cap at least He's going to view it that way and say It that way right yeah It was a backfire yeah because then Kanye West can say hey I had the literal Hottest shoe that has ever seen exactly You know that anyone has ever worn and I Left my name's not on it anymore and Nobody cares it was all about me exactly Hey guys my name is Garrett Brown I am Based out here in Atlanta Georgia uh Yeah my take on this decision by Adidas I think it's a good decision for their Own uh company you know people will Still buy them because they are popular Shoes I do believe so still so when they Push this uh decision heading over to Next year they will definitely uh you Know continue to make a lot of profit Off of these products on the market so Don't make money I I still think they're Gonna and they acknowledge this they're Gonna they're gonna take a hit Foreign

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