Affion Crockett Says Will Smith Deserves Oscar Buzz for ‘Emancipation’ | TMZ

You're going through the premiere for uh Emancipation yeah a lot of people are Talking about it like yo it has real Oscar bus right so I gotta know do you Really do you really feel that you saw It oh it's definitely Oscar bug you know What what well well you know and then Will said what he said you know he made His apologies and everything he's trying To move on and I got enough if you know Should should what's going on with the Academy in him affect the the nomination Process for all these people you know I Don't know I mean because if it's that Good then how do you know how do you not Let's say this Um I've seen some very horrible movies Over the decades get nominated yeah and You know what I'm saying and people win Awards for for work that ain't that Great but uh you know I think will Deserves uh to to get Whatever he needs whatever he he Receives from this uh from this Performance yeah it's a deep one you Know yeah it's it's definitely hard for Black people to watch but the way he Embodied the role is Is masterful wow that's real time yeah So so a lot of people would say I mean I Think he even said yo I don't want I I'm Worried that what all that stuff that Went on with me will affect the other People in the film who work their asses

Off and made this beautiful piece nah See I'm not even talking about that Stuff anymore because it's like why do We keep willing on somebody's one Mistake or Mistakes we all make them but will is a Legend will is a goat and um he really He really smashed this role Okay well if he gets the nomination Which you think it sounds like a lot of People are saying he's gonna get it Should they review the idea that he's Not allowed to be there this year I mean Because obviously obviously there's some Things that happen right and there's Some rules that have been put in place But you know Yes rules are meant to be broken Hopefully they review it if he if he Earned that nomination which looks like He will get that man his trophy

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