Al Sharpton Says Gun Violence, Not Hip Hop, Killed Takeoff | TMZ

Take off you know from The Amigos I know You're right about this I mean what do You think is the solution I did speak to Method Man last week and Method Man was Like everybody's always blaming hip-hop But it's bigger than hip-hop it's not Our fault no first of all no one has Been more on the gun violence and saying That we need to deal with things in Hip-hop but I remember growing up r b Artists used to getting shootouts I mean In fights I mean this is enough the new Social media makes you where more people Know about it so we should not try and Act like you have a lot of people in Hip-hop that are very responsible that Are very creative that help their Community so we should not act like that Hip-hop is synonymous with violence Those that are violence uh violent we Ought to deal with but a thug is a thug Whether they're singing uh or Jazz Whether they're r b whether they sing in Gospel I know some preachers packing so Let's not make it just about about Hip-hop let's make it about people that Are not acting like they are the Act Right will you be attending these Services You know I've been so deep in these Elections I have not even just um Planned that far but I certainly more What happened to him and my prayers are With the family and I hope we get a

Lesson from this we've got to stop this But don't stigmatize a whole genre of Music but let's let's deal with our Community needs to do better than this

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