Alan Ruck Loves His Work on ‘Succession,’ ‘Best Thing I’ve Ever Done’ | TMZ

I’ve got a silly question for you okay Before I ask you a real one all right When you pass away in many years time no Well okay yeah sure credit of yours do You want to be listed first Ferris Bueller or succession or something else Uh I don’t know I don’t know maybe six Sessions succession yeah yeah I like That very good is what you pride Yourself on the most or it’s just the Most recent yeah Best Thing best thing I’ve ever done best thing I’ve ever yeah Yeah that I’ve ever been involved with Yeah I love it too yeah good I was just Wondering what you thought about you you Smoking weed I don’t know which was me Welcome to La huh yeah I guess and what Do you think about Elon finalizing and Buying Twitter I don’t know he wants to operate it like A Town Square where all opinions are Allowed but I wonder if that’s better in Theory I don’t believe but I don’t Believe that from him I I think I think He’ll be an autocrat I think I think He’ll I think he’ll skew it uh I think he’ll Skew it pretty hard to the right oh you Think so yes I do because he says he Wants you know all opinions to be Allowed but I don’t know in practice Then you like just crazies shouting at Each other and saying obscene stuff like I don’t know how he does it in reality

Yeah I don’t know how I don’t know Either and also he’s Uh you know he’s kind of a fascist so I Think he’s probably gonna go that way oh Yeah all right all right thank you so Much man I appreciate you brother take Care thanks

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