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Foreign Because we told you that Alec Baldwin is Going to finish filming rust that They've gotten the cast back together Um and crew members and they are going To be filming this movie where the uh Where the cinematographer Elena Hutchins Was killed Um when Alec Baldwin fired a gun Accidentally and she was killed so the Fact that they were even doing the movie Was really bizarre here's the plot twist What we should say and he's still under Criminal investigation right by the Santa Fe da and um there are civil Lawsuits and now Alec has filed one uh Against some of the crew members that he Worked with on that day that fateful day Four of them Um and he's basically saying look this Was not my fault and very clearly I was The victim of others Um negligence on the set yeah Charles What's interesting here is he's suing Four crew members we've heard a lot of These names before it's Hannah Gutierrez Reid who was the uh Chief armorer the Assistant director Dave Halls who Alex Says yelled out clear gun and handed him The gun and said it was safe to use a Prop Master Sarah Zachary and a gun Supplier Seth Kenny what's interesting To me is this is probably not to collect Money it's not like these are very Deep

Pockets what Alex seems interested in is Clearing his name Derek didn't they say that in the Lawsuit I saw a report over the weekend Did they actually say in the lawsuit That Swiss to clear his name they Absolutely did in the lawsuit it said Alex seeks to clear his name and to hold The crew members accountable for their Misconduct he wants to change the Narrative here he even though he pulled The trigger or fiddled with the hammer When the shot went off uh he wants to Say look I should have never been handed This gun there shouldn't have been live Bullets on the set and here are the People responsible so he's really just Shifting blame not looking to collect Money because these are not going to be Well it's not even shifting blame Because he's already said he's already Said out loud early on yeah I mean early On and he said it was their fault so He's already said that to file the Lawsuit to me aligns with the fact that The D.A is bringing this in for a Landing and he wants that narrative Strong and you know to say in the Lawsuit which is something I've not seen Where it seems like the end game is Exactly that which is clearing his name That I haven't seen hi I'm Athena from Los Angeles and I think there's blame to Go around in that situation I don't

Think Alec is going to be able to Exactly clear his name but I do think Others share blame in that situation my Novice opinion of course yeah it's going To be interesting to see what the D.A Does because if the D.A does file Charges and we don't know but if the D.A Does typically what they do is they'll Put the civil case on hold until the Criminal case runs its course so we'll See

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