‘American Idol’ David Archuleta Says Fans Left Show After He Talked Being Queer | TMZ Live

American Idol runner-up David Archuleta Is back on the road doing some shows He's got a mini tour going and something Kind of controversial and upsetting uh Certainly to David happened during one Of his shows recently in Utah uh he of Course came out as gay but discussing it During one of the shows became an issue What he said was he started talking About his experience and a couple dozen People walk out of the venue and the uh Upset and said you shouldn't be talking About your personal experience here's What this was in Utah by the way how are You holding up I mean after even now Just facing the hate in the bigotry at Your own shows they come to your show And then you start talking about we just Talk about that for a minute Um why don't you ever look at it as hey I just look at it as like they don't Understand Because I came from that culture so it's Like I knew because it's like I feared Myself is that going to prevent you from Talking about it at Future shows or or No And you're so close to your faith and You know as yeah was I mean is there I I Still am with the people of the people Oh God I wouldn't say because of the Religion it's a it's a it's a touchy Subject yeah it's I'm just Only way I've had to do that in order to

See myself with different eyes yeah Because the eyes I was looking at that I Was given growing up through the Religious eyes was making me feel like It would be better for me to To not be here not exist That queer person to David archuleta's Credit like you know having gone through Like that heavy religious background and Said that he wanted to kill himself at One point over it you know it's okay so A couple dozen people might have walked Out he literally could have saved the Life of one person sitting in that Audience that night totally absolutely And it was interesting too that he said He was part of the Mormon church he used Past tense and he said he's part of the Community still but the tenants that Um that caused him this kind of pain Um he's not cosigning to anymore Was openly gay person I really feel for David actually because coming out it's Not easy for anybody Celebrity Status Are not really Um but as an artist I feel like every Artist has the right to share their Personal experiences with their fans or Supporters and I think it's special that He chose to share that With his fans at an intimate concert It's a little disrespectful that they Walked out but he has every right in the World to do that yeah he understood why

Because he said that their feelings are Feelings that mirrored his before he Understood that he has the right to do because it helps people and the People who don't like it they can walk Out too good on him Foreign [Music]

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