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As of right now I hadn't filed any legal Papers but I am in the process of Getting some legal papers filed so I can Go back to court to get Chloe back home And that time frame that Chloe's been Gone I was talking to attorneys and we were Trying to figure out which way to go About getting Chloe back home But at the same time it's kind of like We were at a standstill because we were Trying to figure out where we would Actually end up in court Because they live in like two or three Different states I want her home She deserves to be home I've held back for so long to try to Patiently do it And I don't think it's right for them to Just pretend and I don't exist and just Say oh we're just gonna let Savannah get It Don't make sense yeah that's not true Because I didn't even commit Medicaid Fraud and I even had proof that I didn't Commit Medicaid fraud and I never Claimed Chloe when I could not claim Chloe never did That was just for them to make me look Bad because I never literally my record Was clean nothing on my record uh for 26 27 years I never had anything on my Record until somebody said oh well she Committed Medicaid fraud no I did not I

Mean as far as Savannah goes with Chloe I I don't think it's right because at the End of the day my thing is I'm her Biological mom I was cut out of her life I didn't walk away from her I was pushed Out of her life and they wanted me to Forget about Chloe and they wanted Chloe To forget about me like I don't exist so The reason why I feel like Chloe should Be home is I mean she has family back Home my whole side of the family she Probably won't even remember because She's been Away for six years almost That's not right for her to be first of All a kid a child to be with her mother First of all especially if the mom Hadn't did anything for that kid to be Taken she shouldn't have been taken away From me anyway But for them to continue to keep her Away from me that's that's not right I Don't understand why I had to do joint Custody with Todd and Julie in the first Place because it's not like that I would Just keep them away from Chloe they Figured that when we did joint custody Then oh that's their way to see Chloe I Wouldn't have never kept Chloe away from Her other side if they wanted to see her They could see her but for them for us To go from joint custody to them just Taking her all the way

That's just too far like I would never Want that to happen to any Mom that's Doing right by her kids I want her with Me but if Kyle's doing right if Kyle's Living his life right I mean I can't say nothing I mean I Haven't even spoken to Kyle so I don't Know how Kyle's living I don't have no Social media I have no idea but I want Her with me just like my other two kids Are they're with me

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