Angus Cloud Pre-Fame Clip Goes VIRAL & Reveals He’s ‘Uncomfortable’ With Special Treatment!

Angus Cloud reveals he’s ’uncomfortable’
with receiving ‘special treatment’ after A clip of him working pre-fame went viral. Let’s get into it. It’s not exactly a secret that Angus Cloud
has skyrocketed to fame after landing the Role of fan favorite Fezco on HBO’s hit
drama series, Euphoria, but like many up and Coming actors, Angus had some humble beginnings. As some of you may know, Angus had a pretty
unusual rise to fame. I mean, he was literally discovered by a Euphoria
casting agent while he was walking the streets Of New York City! I mean that’s what being in the right place
at the right time can do for you! And in a recent interview with The Face, Angus
opened up about the encounter, saying, “she Gave me her phone number, so I called her,
I went, they had me do a couple auditions And whatnot, and then I flew out to film the
pilot in LA.” And the rest is history! Recently, a clip of Angus has made its way
across the internet, which shows him working As a server at a restaurant in Brooklyn prior
to fame. A TikTok user uploaded a clip from her birthday
brunch at NYC restaurant Woodland back in 2018, and was surprised to see a familiar
face when she rewatched the video. It turns out Angus was her server that day,
and was caught on-camera as he cleared away Plates and tended to her table. But even though Angus has found himself at
the center of modeling campaigns, a hit TV Show, and even some upcoming movies, he’s…not
exactly comfortable with his newfound fame. While speaking with The Face, Angus opened
up about his struggles with success, and admitted That he’s “uncomfortable” with all the
attention that comes with being a celebrity. Angus told the publication, “I don’t like
being special. I don’t want to be special. I like being regular. I don’t want people to open doors for me
like I’m like a prince or some s***. I do really appreciate it, though.” Ok, hearing this just makes me love Angus
that much more! Angus is choosing to stay humble, and went
on to insist that really, he’s just a “regular Dude.” He went on to explain, “I open doors for
people, too, you know? But it’s getting to a point where I’m
uncomfortable with special treatment.

I’m not comfortable with it. I’m just a regular dude, man.” This was highlighted by the now-viral TikTok
of Angus working as a server pre-fame. While he didn’t explicitly mention the video,
Angus told The Face, “I hate that people Are trying to do detective work into my past,
it bothers me. But it’s, whatever, I haven’t got anything
to hide.” But at the end of the day, Angus did assure
fans that he appreciates all the support, Telling the outlet, “All the fans are great. If you see me and you want to say ‘What’s
up?’ I’m happy to see you.” Aww! As if we needed another reason to stan. Now go ahead and click right over here for
more on HBO speaking out against “toxic” Workplace allegations on the set of Euphoria. Then let me know all your thoughts on Angus’
struggle with fame in the comments below. As always, I’m your girl Sussan Mourad,
you can follow me on socials @sussan_mourad, And I’ll see you next time!

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