Army Vet Who Subdued Colorado Shooter Says Kids Coming Out is True Heroism | TMZ Live

Unfortunately we've seen this time and Time again across the country where People are Americans are just going out Living their lives trying to enjoy their Lives and it is suddenly Shattered by Someone like this and that you came face To face with that person Um how that makes you feel That I my my biggest thing is and I told People today Um if people can just find someone Around the Thanksgiving dinner table and Make them a hero have a conversation Open up talk to each other and stop Fighting And and take care of one another I just Had a neighbor that lived down the Street for 15 years and I had never met Her and she came up with a little Bouquet from the garden for my daughter What I think is heroic heroic I think Kids coming out uh kids declaring what They want to do making their goals That's heroic uh kids joining the Army That's heroic I'm just a dude trying to protect his Family man just like any any other Person would do for their family I I Have to tell you I just broke down when I heard earlier today you tell a story In the middle of this horror Um how you your friends two people Together Um and and and have them interlock hands

Can you explain that because it's one of The most moving stories I've heard in Memory yeah let's listen chip and Joanne Are a couple that we love and me and me And uh my wife would have hoped and Expect and he would have done the same For me Um he was he was shot and he's reaching For his wife he's looking at his wife And she was in a really bad way and she Can explain to you all that and and I Don't have the right to say that but at The end of the day I saw a man reaching For his wife I saw the love and I needed for them no Matter what was going to happen after That To have that moment and I because she Couldn't move her arm I moved her hand Into his and then at that point it was You know things changed but that was for Them that's their moment and and I Needed them to have that to hopefully Get them through listen you can put Tourniquets on you can you can triage Folks people are going to lose battles And I was scared that might happen and I Wanted them to at least have their Moment because they deserve it Richard How are they how are they doing now what Are their conditions they're in the Hospital they're recovering we were able To see them yesterday Um Joanne and Chip are the strongest

People we know and I told them I go you Guys are the Warriors you're the ones Fighting with the bullet wounds man I Didn't I didn't get shot I mean that's It's unreal Um everybody who got shot that night That's that's not something I would wish On anyone it's horrible

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