Ashley Benson Takes The TMZ Celebrity Tour | TMZ TV

That's not just any random person about To take the TMZ celebrity tour it's an Actual celebrity about to take the TMC Celebrity tour wait by choice what do You mean by choice just making sure this Wasn't some sort of hostage situation But yes celebrities take the team's Teams they're joking around a lot so I Thought there Thought their girls taking the tour well Maybe they didn't want to be noticed is What we'd say if they didn't totally Give a huge hint we got a PO fan Yes Oh so she's from the premier Lacrosse League unless they meant Pretty Little Liars in which case Who's your favorite character Um well I've actually seen Ashley Benson Like in person it's my favorite so I saw Her and she's so cool good answer cause Yes it's totally Ashley Benson that is a Huge game oh my God why does a big Celebrity take the celebrity tour you Want to know why because we go to all The places that TMZ made famous over the Last 17 years and then we bring it all To life with videos and photos and then You can see celebrities all over town And also like celebrities have friends Too that come and like want to see all The sites in Hollywood so this is the Perfect tour for that God I would even Consider just like giving celebrities a

Discount They can afford it hope you had fun Ashley

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