Balenciaga Attacking Marketing Agency to Deflect Mistakes, Sources Claim | TMZ TV

The Balenciaga saga continues with the Fashion house now suing a production Company for their child's BDSM themed ad Campaign that backfired spectacularly so Balenciaga soon North six the production Company that handled the photo shoot They're showing them for 25 million Dollars saying their reputations and Tatters what sorts connected to the Photo shoot tell us the production Company just handled the logistics they Had no creative input and they weren't Responsible for that child pornography Document that was on the desk basically They're saying Balenciaga had final Approval over all this stuff valenciaga Says it's the production company's fault Though if that's true in order to pull The trigger on it Balenciaga has to do That Balenciaga has to look at it and Say we're down with this they could Always say no so isn't it on Balenciaga If they make the ultimate decision who Cares what the production team did no But what if they slipped something in if They slip an Easter egg in there that That Balenciaga despite its best efforts Didn't see that's on them bottom line is It's hard to imagine that Balenciaga Doesn't have total control over their Own ad campaigns there's no way that the Art director the editor-in-chief whoever The head of creative for Balenciaga Doesn't say what's that paper the

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