Big Daddy Kane Says ‘New Jack City’ Play Will Host Mario Van Peebles | TMZ

Legendary visit again tell us what you Have going on what's new well right now We're here for um the New Jack City play So stretch Ellen Payne Flex Alexander And Gary door Dan no way Yeah I guess a month and a half it's Been going real well successful and We're here for um four shows here in New York that's amazing where's this showing Um it's at the uh King's theater in Brooklyn in Brooklyn oh my goodness so You know I gotta ask you did you get any Kind of like um guidance from like the Original cast members of like the movie Like did they kind of like take you Through it or tell us about it like how Um well Allen Payne is in it on playing G-money once again we played oh my Goodness you know he's always there Saying yo this is the way we did it in The original film so you know he's there Like as far as you know active support And um I I got word to come playing the Mario Van people character I got word That Mario coming to the LA show to see How good Oh my goodness so can we see this maybe Be like extended well so is it a tour Are you saying La his tour it's touring Um you know in different cities you know But um this weekend you know we're here In New York um uh four shows I love that Maybe we'll get 50 Cent or somebody on There to do like an actual series of

Just facts doing like a reboot in New Jack City CB series reboot put that in The air I love that thank you so much Edge

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