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Foreign Bill Cosby got out of that Pennsylvania Prison last year he might have thought His legal troubles were over Um in the clear far from that because he Is now facing a new lawsuit in New York State from five new accusers who say That they most of them four of them Actually came into contact with him While working on The Cosby Show they Were either on the crew or they were Actors who had you know spit rolls on Episodes but they say that they viewed Cosby as a mentor when they came into Contact with him on the show only to Find uh that he was more of a predator Is what they say in this lawsuit and They are alleging a lot of things that We've heard in the other from the other Accusers And they have details of what happened Including being in some cases drugged And raped in And several instances these are really Horrific allegations I mean the to your Point Charles not dissimilar to what We've heard before drugging and raping Them uh one of the women uh whose name Is Lily Bernard she says that he Actually she was drugged passed out woke Up during the rape and he put a pillow Over her face she alleges that he Threatened that if she ever told anybody About this he would throw her down the

Stairs and Destroy her career I mean These allegations are horrific Bill Cosby of course is denying them as he Has done all along and you know he has Not been criminally convicted of Anything uh their only allegations but Boy do they paint a uh you know once Again picture of a pattern of really Destructive Behavior Jason and I don't Think this would be admissible in New York state but there was a Civil Trial Here in California earlier this year Where he was found liable of raping a a Young woman in 1975 so yeah the finding Of liability probably would not be Admissible but the stories that the the Witnesses would tell you know you know Given that he's got a modus operandi an Mo you know there can be evidence Presented as there was in the Los Angeles trial that he does things over And over again the same way with the Drugging that's what the one thing we Heard as a consistent thread through all Of the allegations that have come out Before now you have all sorts of statute Of limitations problems uh this goes Back 40 plus years Right is that there are people who want To see him behind bars though and as Much money as he might have to pay in a Civil lawsuit it's just it doesn't feel Like justice to a lot of people yeah Essential limitations are there for a

Reason right I mean evidence is has Spoiled and and gone you know to the Idea of bringing forth testimony from People's Recollections that are 40 years Old it's it's very difficult that's why Such limitations exist we should say That the new accusers all these Allegations are from the 80s and 90s Which was in the Heyday of The Cosby Show which I think is to their point of Feeling intimidated by him when he Threatened them it was one of the Biggest stars in the world at the time Right Hey guys this is Ace from Charlotte and I was [Music] And I was in something like this but I Will say this Somebody's not lying so I want to get to The bottle open to see exactly what's What uh is sad that it's research is Resurfacing it again but we hope that Everything is it depends out and those Survivors get Justice we will see is This uh plays out because You know like you said people want Justice for them they'd rather a lot of People who think he should be behind Bars um that's not the case but this is The only uh recourse that uh at this Point right

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