Blueface Arrested in Vegas for Attempted Murder | TMZ

Face right here yo that's blue face the Undercover cops just pulled up on them Bro they got them I don't know what the [ __ ] going on Look that's blue face right there And creation They just got his ass and threw him down The [ __ ] out Chill out everybody relax What is he doing what did he do but what Did he do No he does not What did he do man come on like let's Just Y'all could have talked to him he was Gonna run away like come on man Hey Yo y'all Come on that's just the same dispensary That No not it No that's not that's not the right way Bro Like come on What's going on guys he's always here They told me he has a warrant I know that that's ridiculous No that's [ __ ] that's [ __ ] Literally wasn't doing nothing man

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