Bobby Brown Anticipating New Edition Tour, Not Whitney Biopic | TMZ

So are you guys touring together like go Back out on tour in March really yes That's incredible that's incredible so This is big this is big because a lot of People you know I mean we've seen the Group tour as different like like Partials you know what I'm saying power Of the group right how hard is it I I Gotta know like because this is not hard We have a Brotherhood that is uh Probably Unstoppable Um we we take pride in in what we do New Edition is forever so as far as like People always like oh is it going to be The full group this is legit like it's Back all the way full blast all the way I love that man hey one last question Um on on on Christmas that I want to Dance with somebody comes out and Ashton Sanders is a decorated actor I don't Know nothing about that movie did they Didn't even talk to you on it no but Well well Ashton has played like Rizza Ashton has played in that movie Moonlight Um he's he's incredible do you think That he could pull off a roll like like Like you you know I hope so any any Advice you know to him like going Through all of me yourself hey thank you So much man

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