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Brittany Greiner who is back on U.S soil A long day of travel Ended early Friday morning when this Private jet pull uh landed in San Antonio and she is there now Getting a debriefing on a military base Right government wants to know the Condition she was held under how she was Treated make sure she's okay I believe They said she's going to be going Through a uh there'll be a medical Evaluation as well just to make sure That she is okay Um also happening so she's there going Through that and eventually the hope is That you know this doesn't take too long And that she can get home yeah right It's been 295 days Charles where she was Away and I'm sure uh her wife Cheryl is Waiting for them to be reunited Um but there's also more video coming Out now from Russia that is showing a Little bit of what she was uh what she Was the conditions that she was in in This uh uh prison where she was the Penal colony Um we had told look it's a labor camp And that um they were You know this is where the inmates are Put to work right it's interesting that This video is being released now and It's coming from uh State controlled TV In Russia So as much as you're seeing I would

Right caution a bit this is what they're Allowing us to see Right this is what they want watches Right her attorney actually came out This week and said that all things Considered she had a decent time there Uh considering that things could be much Much worse they said she didn't really Have a lot of complaints now the one Thing that her attorney did reveal was She had to cut her hair within the last Two weeks because quite simply it was Freezing there uh uh you'll recall Britney's had long hair for years almost Decades at this point uh and just two Sundays ago she cut it all off uh and The attorney said it's due to because Every time she would take a shower in The prison her hair would literally Freeze and she would catch a chill so She she cut it all off and if you see in These videos uh she doesn't look like Herself anymore it's a very different Than Brittany grinder so uh but again The attorney said she wasn't forced to Do it or anything like that and and like I said all things considered it could Have been much much worse and and They're happy I guess with how she was Treated all right it's Mike Turner out Of Atlanta Georgia I mean the fact that She had to cut her hair due to the Conditions are just so you know that's a Tragedy but I'm just glad that she's

Back home back with her family and Friends I just pray for our Mental Health on this journey towards recovery And you know just glad she's back home That's about it yes yeah exactly glad She is home Um and obviously still more work to be Done by Administration I see a lot of People blaming her though it's not it's Not she should be she should be happy Her family should be happy that she's Home it's not her fault that we All want Paul home as well right Um by the way you know when this all Started uh when Brittany was going over To Russia to play basketball Um because wnb WNBA players really don't Make a lot to make a lot more playing Overseas but it's interesting that now This happened with her you may see a lot Of players who don't want to go Certainly not in Rush talk to a player Yesterday star friends with Brittany she Said in one month in Russia she makes What she makes an entire year uh in the WNBA so that's why that's the motivation For them to go over there but so that Particular player right angel angel Mccoughtry yeah former number one Overall pick here's a little bit of what She's about what she said uh about Traveling to Russia or not what happens Now with basketball in Russia I mean it's tough on us because Russia

Was one of the places where we made the Most money you know I was making my WBA Salary in one month in Russia my whole Salary so Um I think uh you know girls are gonna Go elsewhere and play probably you know We still have Spain and Um Istanbul Turkey different places but It definitely takes a toll on our game Because Russia you know that was the Place where they had a lot of money for Women to play so it definitely hurts our Game but hopefully we can continue to Advocate here that Put the 50 Revenue with the WBA and get Get paid like we need to right not Somewhere you would go back now I I Would imagine right uh no I would not go Back I would not go back at this point No you can't blame her at all tell you This Um look WNBA players don't make a lot I Will say they're going to have huge Ratings The First Time Brittany Greiner I must watch a WNBA game ever right Easily I would think Foreign [Music]

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