BTS’ V & Olivia Rodrigo’s Grammys Conversation REVEALED!

Just days after Olivia Rodrigo made a surprise
cameo in BTS’ Grammy performance, V is now Opening up about what he really whispered
in her ear that had the Internet buzzing. In case you missed it, that viral moment that
went down during last weekend’s Grammy awards Still has BTS and Olivia Rodrigo fans at a
total loss for words.  To kick off their performance of “Butter,”
V was spotted in the audience whispering sweet Nothings to Olivia in a silky-smooth exchange. For days now, fans have been eager to learn
what exactly was said, and now V has finally Revealed what he whispered to Liv… A screenshot of V’s response to fans was
posted to Instagram from the platform WeVerse, Where he admitted that what was said wasn’t
even in English! Popular Instagram account @btsweverse_translation
translated V’s answer when asked what he Whispered to Olivia, which read, “Just an
important business. We know each other well, right. I didn’t even use English.”  OK, I love this SO much! When another fan said, “So Olivia listened
to Korean and acted… She was so surprised! You are really a pro,” V replied by suggesting
it also wasn’t Korean that he spoke to her In, saying, “I didn’t say Korean (to her
too).” V then went on to praise Olivia, telling another
fan that she is a “hero” when they noted How great of an actress she is.   OK, call me overly optimistic, but I’d be
willing to bet that a collab of sorts is in The works after this sweet exchange…Hey,
a girl can dream! But speaking of the Grammys, BTS fans were
outraged after the group didn’t win the Award for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance,
which ultimately went to Doja Cat and SZA For their hit “Kiss Me More,” V also opened up about the group’s loss
when asked if he felt sad for not winning The Grammy… V said, “Since Doja’s song is really good
so it’s right, haha it was clean. But I cried.” Awww. The guys seemed to take missing out on the
Grammy with stride, proving that they are And will always be a class act…. And hey… this only means that they’re
bound to come back stronger than ever next

Time around! To see what fans originally had to say about
the viral moment during BTS’ performance, Click right over here. 
Then be sure to let me know all your thoughts
on Olivia’s cameo to kick off their Grammy Performance right down here in the comments. What a moment! I’m your girl Sussan Mourad, you can find
me on my socials @sussan_mourad, and I’ll Catch you later!

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