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Foreign Beret who is Getting a lot of backlash for something She said about the type of TV movies she Now wants to do she was with Hallmark And now she's what is it called Great American family right and she said that She made the move and by the way she was A staple at Hallmark Channel but she Said she made this move because she Wanted to uh do films that depict a more Normal traditional traditional Traditional traditional couple Traditional family entertainment in Other words she's saying needs to be a Man and a woman yeah I think the Great American family will keep traditional Marriage at the core It sounds look it doesn't sound like That is clearly a shot at Hallmark where They have done movies that are more Inclusive uh with lgbtq uh relationships So it's drawing fire for sure uh Jojo Siwa and many many others Um have spoken out Um we uh we got video of Jojo Uh who recently came out herself uh no Reaction and by the way also remember Back in the day she called Canada's Cameron Brewery the rudest celebrity She's ever met it's right she said that Well I know they sort of patched things Up I'm guessing it's no longer patched Up her article thing I'm genuinely dying

Laughing over it it says Um I think the Great American family or Whatever her movie is will keep Traditional marriage at the core Oh It's just embarrassing Somebody I mean it is a quote coming From Candace but somebody was like yeah Yeah That that's a great idea Meanwhile I'm over here looking like a Walking Pride flag I got my socks yeah I Think there's somebody she's talking About is the executives at that at that Network Um obviously you feel that they are Doing something necessary and Candace Agrees with that and she may agree with That she may think that there's a market For it whatever they'll see that with With their numbers and I'm sure that There is an audience in the market for It but in general and where Society is Leaving you have to expand you have to Grow you have to open your eyes because There isn't so much as a a normal family Anymore you know what I mean and and for Her to use that that language and Everything it is bigotry and she's even Seen backlash from Jody Sweden her Former Full House uh co-star who Commented on on JoJo's post saying you Know that I love you and I think that People continue to move away from

Candace the use of the word traditional To me just it signals that you are Holding on to something the way things Were and you don't want it to change and You're not by the way accepting of Change welcome to America because that's What's going on right now in every Respect is that you know one of the Operating theories for a lot of people Is that there are people in this country Who are always in the majority who now Feel threatened that they no longer are And they're reacting to that and I think This is a part of a much bigger issue That's going on by the way there's I Inherently look I I clearly disagree What I think the sentiment is I know What you're saying it's religion for Them to have a channel where those are The types of relationships they want to Show and the type of program they want There's nothing wrong with that that's Fine you don't obviously if you disagree With it you just don't watch that you Know what's really can I tell you Something so you don't watch that can I Tell you something that just struck me That just struck me There is a Dave Chappelle connection on This and I think you're going to buy one No no I think you're going to buy what I Say If she just did a bunch of movies where It happened to be the the man and the

Wife and the kids and whatever I don't Think that let me just make my point but I think this channel by the way they're Not they've never hidden that that's What they're doing well no no but what I'm saying is if they just did it right And didn't say we're only going to do Traditional families it's what Dave Chappelle remember and he's taken a lot Of heat for this you could think it but You can't say it it's kind of the same Thing It's do you see what I mean let me think About that one but it's again the same Thing and look I mean there are a Million shows where they have the Husband and the wife and as Brad said It's expanded because that's not America Anymore and Um but if they just did it without well Making the mistakes it never was America But People just didn't talk about it it's Which is exactly the point Business came in St Louis and it's a 21st century viewers are viewers people Are people and acceptance and respect is Key no matter how you feel about Anything so hopefully she'll apologize And understand that what she said was Wrong by the way what's looming is the United States Supreme Court where Um where same-sex marriage is going to Be on the chopping block

And uh that's real

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