Casey Anthony Trial Judge Thought Jury Had Enough Evidence For Murder Conviction | TMZ LIVE

What do you think about the fact that Casey Anthony is finally speaking out But in a documentary that seems to be Tilted you know toward her version uh I'm not surprised but that was the same Uh Crap that was floated uh At the trial that the child somehow or Another slipped out of the home Drowned in the pool uh Mr Anthony Retrieved the child brought the child in And then took the child and dumped it uh In a swampy area you're like a piece of Trash Yet the jury Did they kind of buy that by acquitting Her I I think the only indication we Have uh what the jury may have thought Was one juror said that the state was Unable to show how uh Kelly died And that to me is a very important Point Uh not that uh they bought the story That was told by uh the defense in this Case Is more that there was a lack of Evidence on the case on the side of Prosecutors is what you what your what Jurors were saying after the after the Trial Exactly and the sad part about it uh the State did not have to show how she died That's not an element to to be proven They only had to show that she had in Fact died in that it was a homicide were

You surprised by the jury's verdict the State of Florida put together a very Compelling case Uh and uh like everyone else I thought The state had put enough uh Evidence on that if the jury believed it It would sustain a verdict of guilty But the jury did not uh believe that so That's the result one of the things I've Learned from being a former prosecutor And a judge is anything can happen in The crowd there's no such thing as a Lock case so was I surprised yes and no I always knew in the back of my mind uh That that was a possibility and you have To give the defense credit uh Mr Baez And Mr Mason Uh literally littered that case with as Much Reasonable Doubt as they possibly Could and uh so when that verdict came Out you could attach a reason they did a Great job as defense attorneys will Sometimes do do you think Justice was Served in the trial anytime a juror Returns a verdict uh the answer to your Question is yes

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