Celine Dion Diagnosed With Stiff-Person Syndrome | TMZ Live

Foreign Sad news from Celine Dion so she had Postponed her tour she's supposed to be In doing a European tour which was Initially derailed by uh the pandemic But she then announced that she was Putting our hold because she just wasn't Feeling up to it we didn't know what was Going on she finally decided to share uh With the world what she is going through Um it is a disorder it's something Called stiff person syndrome we'll get Into what exactly that means but it's Not good right now and you can hear the Concern in celine's voice recently Have been diagnosed with a very rare Neurological disorder called the stiff Person syndrome Which affects something like One in a million people we now know this Is what's been causing all of the spasms That I've been having I won't be ready to restart my tour in Europe in February oh I mean you could Just see the anguish on her face and in Addition to muscle spasms of course it Contributes to her ability to sing which Could be most consequential of all yeah This is a very serious neurological Disorder you guys which you know it it Can be triggered by a lot of things like She had said that it affects her Day-to-day activities when she's walking She could have a spasm but in some

Serious cases this couldn't affect People so badly that it can prohibit Them to be able to walk to talk Jacob Like you said to sing Um and you know it's like it's basically Frequent muscle spasms due to things Like heightened sensitivity to touch or Sound so I mean it really can affect Like your day-to-day life right and I Will say at the end it that video when I Saw that this morning was really sad Because it sounds It sounded very very dire Um we didn't play this part but at the End she did say look she has a team with Her I'm sure an excellent team uh of Doctors who are working with her and she Is undergoing different therapies and Treatments she she certainly sounds like She's intending Um to to pick up this tour when she's Feeling up to it hi my name is Shelly Sweets from Stone Mountain Georgia and I Just want to applaud Celine Dion for her Vulnerability I know it took a lot of Courage for her to step forward and just Express that she won't be able to show Up as she usually does and as she has in The past it's really unfortunate that She has to go through such traumatic Experiences but hopefully she'll be able To use this to encourage other people That are struggling with similar Stressful issues yeah I mean the one

Thing you think about is it is such a Rare disorder it's not like there's a Huge group of people that she can turn To as a support group but she says she Has her kids there and of course her Team of doctors so wishing her the best Obviously

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