Cher and Alexander Edwards Hold Hands, Leave together, After Partying with Tyga | TMZ Live

To uh Cher who was out and about all Over the town last night and Cher being Out would be enough but the fact that She is apparently from what we saw in a Few places Um with a new man that's what really got Attention and Tyga who's not the new man But was very close by as this was going On because the person she's with is a Very good friend of Tyga's uh Alexander Edwards so this was the scene outside of The nice guy last night watch you're Gonna see Tyga come out first uh but he Points out he knows who everyone's there To see hey Taco quick crashing personal Um Alexander Edwards who's there holding Hands and another part of the night that By the way this was after they were at Craig's together Um he was seen in a car kissing her hand He is Amber Rose's ex they broke up About a year ago and it wasn't Particularly friendly not a good look For him no no not at all they they broke Up last year after some infidelity uh by Alexander but obviously seeing them Together hand in hand kind of shocking Internet's kind of been going crazy we Had actually heard um that these three Were hanging out at Cher's house last Week it was unclear if it was your Business obviously both of the guys are In the music industry uh and then also

You know tiger was seen with Cher last Or I think two months ago at a fashion Show in Paris but clearly it's uh Alexander Edwards who's the one who's Dating her okay so certainly looks that Way so here's the thing let's just talk About it for a second so Cher I think is 76 years old Easy math even for us that's easy math But not the the concept does not always Apply that the age difference is just Too much share is a one-off there are Certain one-offs in this country she is A one-off and I know I mean she is all Right we get it you love Chef I do Because first of all she's she is Ageless there's something different About Cher than other men are women Absolutely and it just doesn't matter And by the way this has been going on For a long time with her this is Cher Alexander I don't think has a type Either clearly no because Amber Rose But good for her well so by the way we Should say we don't know that they're Dating dating and if you ask me what I Really think is going on here what do You I think Tyga is in interested in and Maybe already has recorded something With Cher and that Alexander As his producer is doing they're doing The best to pump this up Hello my name is Kayla and I'm from

Atlanta Georgia first I have to say that Cher is one of those people who has a Beautifully attractive Aura so it's no Surprise to me that any man will want to Be a romantically involved with her or a Woman for that matter I am actually Happy that she is getting her group home With a younger man I am too I am too

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