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I think it's really unfair to blame Music for the actions of others Um I don't See if music changing there's going to Be a change in one's actions I feel like People have to take accountability Um this is not about music this is about Ignorance this is about Um crime just being at all-time high for Us at this point this is about Um people feeling like they can get away With everything Um just not enough being done to hold Criminals responsible For their actions and I think it's more Of a Copycat thing it's like people see Something going on and they feel like oh Well they're getting away with it this Must be easy to do and it's like I write Just you know they jump on it and it's Like well Let's let's see what we can get away With Um it's almost like a trend at this Point to Commit these crimes and feel like it's Okay nothing is happening Um I don't feel like if music was to change And everybody just stopped rapping about Certain things that crime is going to Just magically stop it's not gonna Happen I just feel like it's it's an

Error that we're living in with um Social media influencing a lot of things Um People just jumping on the trending Bandwagon of oh this is what's going on This is what people are doing so let's Get into that too Um and yeah I don't think blaming music Is the key to it I don't think that's Going to change anything what's your Thoughts on uh on hip-hop music culture In its current uh age Oh good question I'm more of an RV person Um hip-hop is really you know I have my Few artists that I love of course I Prefer Um The older generation than without now Um A death of the new music my kids What are you listening to and If things change music change you know Time change get with it and I'm like all Right I'll I'll stick to my mace and my Viggy and my Tupac I actually posted a lot about the whole Takeoff situation it actually triggered Me Um you know it's just a sad situation When you see someone who is very humble Quiet not known to bother anyone there's No bad news circulating around them and Then this tragically happens to them um

It definitely hits you differently So when the whole news about takeoff Came out I was very triggered Um I actually made a couple of posts About it on my storyline because it was Just like it's unfortunate that the People so close to them Um have to go through this I know it's Extremely hurtful and I feel horribly Bad for the family members and his group Members and his the fans too everyone's Affected by it because it's just like You know why you know he didn't deserve That I'm glad to be in this position to Be able to still give fans music there's A couple of favorites Um there's one that's called jackpot I Feel like it brings us back to his Original Uh cocaine Riot which is his mixtape That he was putting on I feel like it Just gives us that New York sound Um that we missed so much Um there's another one we have on there Actually with I believe it's quavo and Uh offset Um I think that one is really good I Think people are going to gravitate Towards that one a lot Um there's a lot on there I'm very happy For this one I feel like it's very Anticipated fans have been waiting a Long time they have been blowing me up For years asking for it

Driving me crazy so I'm happy to finally Tell everyone that it's finally coming Out the issue I think with actually Releasing anything is you know just not Being able to have someone go in and fix Things that are wrong or make the sound Quality better so it's like you got to Work with what you got and then with a Person like him who was always in the Studio you have a lot of Snippets so now It leads us to have to maybe put a Feature on it to make it longer or just Put it on a mixtape and you know so You got to work with what you got

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