Chrishell Stause Rips People’s Choice Awards, Says She Couldn’t Bring G Flip | TMZ TV

People's Choice here I come that's Chriselle Stauss from selling Sunset Which was up for a People's Choice Award For best reality show and Rachelle Herself was up for best reality star but What she wasn't up for was the show's Plus one policy no plus ones unless They're a cast member after the show she Got on Twitter she was upset she said I'm on the sauce a bit People's Choice Didn't allow me to bring my partner to The awards WTF sure this means I will Never be nominated again but honestly You Chris Shell was referring to her Main squeeze g-flip who because of the Shows plus one rules couldn't attend It's unclear to me whether she's Insinuating I was mistreated or I was Mistreated in a hateful way G flip is Non-binary she basically is saying it's Because of who her partner is and it Didn't help that other cast members like Jason oppenheim were allowed to bring a Plus one he's an executive producer if He's higher than krishelle but how can Someone who's a nominee not have a plus One on in her own right exactly and Evens Jason is team Christian on this Yeah Kershaw should have been able to Bring flip for sure so we have our Office party coming up right yeah what If everybody else showed up with someone And you were told for some reason you Can't bring

A plus one oh that would be amazing now If you would be calling meetings you Would yeah right because who's gonna Take her pictures Either way Chris Shell was clearly very Hurt by all of this Well not enough to miss the after party But you know maybe a little p [Music]

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