Chrissy Teigen and John Legend Say They’re Teaming Up To Cook Thanksgiving Meal | TMZ

Hey John how are you doing how are you Hi Chrissy We know you're the cook in the family I Mean I have to ask what are some dishes You should always cook on Thanksgiving And some we should stay away from oh my Gosh cook well I gotta cook for a lot of People so I'm just gonna make everybody Happy I mean and do you have any tips For some people like I'm a basic Chef do You have any tips for anybody who like Is not a good cook like maybe like pink Order gold belly or gold belly what's That it delivers from like all the Coolest restaurants in the US that's how I cheated a lot this year and ordered a Lot of things from around America All right thank you we know Chrissy is The cook what are you cooking for Thanksgiving to mac and cheese deep Fried turkey oh you cooking everything It's not just Chrissy okay we're a team I love it thank you Happy Thanksgiving Guys

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