Comedian Chris Redd Attacked at the Comedy Cellar in NYC | TMZ Live

Foreign Star Chris red Was attacked last night as he was Entering a comedy club a very famous one He was at the Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village And as he got out of his car Um stepped out under the sidewalk Someone who has been described as being Dressed like a security guard they don't Know if it was a security guard uh just Walked up and punched him right in the Face and it was it was Bloody look this Is the scene Um right outside the comedy club you can See all the blood on the street on the Sidewalk yeah this is crazy you guys I'm Actually being told that he was Hospitalized shortly after this but the Person that had approached him Apparently was dressed as a security Guard and had lunged at Chris actually Injuring Chris's nose and that's why you See all the blood everywhere but I'm Told that the the person dressed as a Security guard went for Chris's chain Now joke's on them because this was a Greg Yuna chain which actually has links That come apart so there apparently when This guy went to grab the chain he Didn't realize that the Links come apart So the chain actually come humbled in His hands and fell to the floor and the Person fled so this chain that this guy

Was trying to get he ended up not Getting and Chris is okay right Chris is Okay he is out of the hospital Um but you know the guy that did this is Still on the loose wow yeah uh that is You know and they've been talking a lot About crime in New York City in this and Then all of a sudden this happens

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