Comedian Matt Rife Campaigns to Write for Dave Chappelle on ‘SNL’ | TMZ

You give me two days right for Chappelle I'm gonna come up with some gold okay he Deserves to be treated like the royalty That he is he's comedy gold and uh yeah People aren't thankful for the Opportunity will absolutely take it that Is so crazy so do you feel like the Writers Um you know like do you think that their Feelings are just or do you think that They you know why people are saying that They're they're basically saying that Because Um there has been speculation you know That his stand-up is transphobic so do You think that they yeah yes it's not It's not about anything for jobs we're Just doing this year for jobs yeah That's it build a work will work yeah How can you be mad at somebody who does The exact same thing you do everything's Everything's the Right so um so you're saying that they Don't have a right to be mad at all Absolutely not you write jokes Dave Chappelle does jokes everything's Offensive to somebody it's not about That we just want to work with the Greatest comedian of all time Right and and if they don't want to You'll do it yeah give me the job I'll Work for a day contract yeah we're just Here because they don't want the jobs We'll take them absolutely I love it so

Are they being too sensitive you think Don't work Okay this is about the job more than Anything else there's no there's no Powerful statement to be made other than If you don't want your job I will take It absolutely great I'll write you Bill For a few days has anyone come out and Spoke to you guys yet a couple of Security guards made us move for sure no Way yeah Happy City next week to anybody maybe if You let them know that you're out here Um no I don't think I don't think Chappelle runs his Twitter and that's Really the only person we're trying to Get to Now um would this be your first time Like doing something like this or have You done this before like um this is my First time for sure uh this is just Something I feel very passionate about I Would love to work for Chappelle he's my Favorite comedian of all time he's the Reason I've been doing stand up for 12 Years and we're both from Ohio I'm a Huge fan I love everything that he does And I think he has been saving grace and Comedy over the past decade and uh we'll Just love to be a part of anything he Does um I just want to say I don't want to be filmed and I can say That as much as you can stand here and Say you're transphobic I would

Say whatever I want to say no no let me Say something Ambulance Right now no you're not it's just about The job but you guys are really getting People that are like Well I think that's the overall message People get mad at the wrong thing this Is just about working with David Chappelle that's all there's no greater Messages [Music] Yeah absolutely but it happens a lot Comedy is very subjective you know it's Up for interpretation as as all art is

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