Congressman Al Lawson Weighs in On Celeb Accountability in FTX Collapse | TMZ

I know um some celebrities did average Did ads and you know where some of the Uh people like that follow the Celebrities you know went and you know Purchased did the same thing should some Of the celebrities take responsibility As well well you know I think it you Know it's hard to say now who all uh Should be involved into a certain level That they was involved he had Professional athletes and so forth Investing in it they lost money uh you Know millions of dollars and so you know I think everyone is uh probably uh a Limit to blame on the stuff because the Weight was set up you know it was the Thing that going you know and everybody Was talking about we've had them for the Committee a couple of times and uh but I've always been skeptic yeah very Skeptical about it but uh you know we're Going to see what pan out What advice would you give to Celebrities who endorsed you know or who May endorse crypto coming up now I think They need to be careful you know a lot Of them make a lot of money and it Doesn't hurt them as much as it hurt the Average consumer and so you know people Sometimes follow them And say this is the right thing to do Especially if you got Seth Curry And so we just want them to be very Careful

And be cautious of what they're doing Because for them losing a million Dollars sometimes it's not like a guy Losing a hundred thousand sure enough Thank you so much

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