Congressman Ritchie Torres Defends Celebrities That Endorsed FTX | TMZ

Congressman I know today you guys were Having a heron on the crypto FTX yeah do Um some of the celebrities who did ads For Um FTX and you know the crypto with the Collapse yeah should they hold some type Of responsibility for you know regular People who end up losing well for me the Villain here at Sand banking freed Who Lend customer funds without the Knowledge inside of those customers but I doubt that any of those celebrities Knew like if those celebrities had known That he was a fraud none of them would Have endorsed his product so those Celebrities are victims of his deception Just like everyone else so what happens With the um I guess just the regular People who you know but they followed They got endorsed they some of their Favorite celebrities who they you know Admired and the the highest priority Should be to make every customer whole To make every credit a whole and that's Why FTX is undergoing a bankruptcy We should pull back those funds and we Should get it for customers okay thank You so much congressman

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