DDG Scoffs at Potential TikTok Ban, Says IG Breaches Security | TMZ

Is so foreign to people to see somebody Go from a place like YouTube where you Know I vlog I've been vlogging for like six seven Years you know what I'm saying so like Even even seeing like Ariana Grande From Nickelodeon I was like this cat What the hell she doing making music so I get it tick tock is like my man Social media platform but I'll be on for Real Not even that on some Creator stuff just Like Would I be on like visually as a viewer Like all I watch is Tick Tock all day But then you got Social media platforms like Instagram I Might say Damn I want a jacket today and I open up Instagram and they give me Jack ads you Know what I'm saying so it's like it Ain't like Um American apps ain't doing the same so it's like I don't know as an artist I feel like Tick Tock is necessary you know it take A lot for somebody to search you up and You know Press Play I know attention Spans of people these days is like hella Low so it's like well to Look you up and like Even though it's a it's a it's Effortless to do it it's you know it's Still a thought process for people you

Know people ain't really trying to think Too much these days they want to stick With the artists they with I'm not Really like a Tick-Tock heavy artist to Be honest But That's how I discover a lot of music as A viewer so you know I'm not to say that I want to eventually come up with a tick Tock hit well I actually did have one That stick stick move with Corey Ray Impatient And that made the song go crazy so I Feel like as an artist if you do get That Tick Tock hit or you get a bunch of People dancing to your song or doing a Challenge that you come up with is it Turns into streams quickly like this I Feel like the conversion rate from Tick Tock to streaming is like better than Any app

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