DDG Wishes Best For Blueface, Promos TikTok’s ‘Kill My Mom’ Kid | TMZ

Hey ddg how are you doing good I'm good I mean what are we what are we doing Today just strolling around with the fam Yeah a little bit of shopping hey what Come here We got your little buddy here This is my main man hit a real famous One y'all need to pop up on him for real I know he has that popular song I mean Can I hear a little bit of can I hear That popular song real quick Oh my God You're cute I know how do you feel I mean this Song's kind of going viral man how are You feeling about the whole everything It's kind of it went viral Are you excited about it not really no Not really what do you mean A little bit well anyway I gotta ask you You know blue face you know who these One of your rapper friends and we just Got arrested I gotta know your thoughts I mean what you're thinking about the Whole situation man uh blueface is one Of my close friends I'm not friends with A lot of people in the industry and um He one of the people that I actually Consider a real friend so you know I'm Just praying for him hope he beat the Case and everything Um Yeah man I just hope everything is good With them that's really it for real yeah

Of course I mean I mean Christian looks Like she's kind of taking a little More I mean do you know her Know her yeah They are because man you know sometimes The media twists stuff and whatever but I don't agree with every decision that He makes but you know I'm always Supporting my homie Whatever happens I don't I don't wish Nothing negative on nobody yeah of Course I totally get you I mean I know And with the media I'm like very neck Especially right now I mean I mean I Know your girl I mean what's been going On with that everything's been good Moment she kind of talked a little bit About like you know she's not having any Hesitations about it anymore I mean how She's been doing how have you been doing She's doing great you're doing great Um everything's good man I'm in a Positive mindset right now As well as her Um I think everything is good right now So you know I have nothing bad going on In life I'm blessed living good making Money all right I'm happy

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