Denise Richards road rage incident

Breaking news Denise Richards vehicle Was shot at during a road rage incident It was a life-threatening situation Monday when a road rage incident erupted In gunfire Denise was headed to popsicle Studio LA on Monday with her husband Aaron in the driver's seat we're told Aaron was having a tough time finding The place and the driver behind them was Getting irritated shouting at them and Trying to squeeze in front of them Aaron Let the guy pass but the driver wasn't Done he shot at the truck hitting the Back end of the driver's side Fortunately no one was injured Denise Was sobbing as she arrived on set Someone from production saw the Bullet Hole on the truck and called 9-1-1 it's Unclear if cops came or took a report What we do know is Denise powered Through it all and worked for 12 hours Aaron stayed with her and when she was Ready to leave an off-duty cop escorted Her

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