Denise Richards’ Vehicle Shot At During Road Rage Incident | TMZ TV

DMZ presents Denise Richards and her Husband Aaron in slow and Furious Because Denise Richards car was shot at On her way to work super scary sure was And their truck has the Bullet Hole to Prove it so on Monday her husband Aaron Was driving her to set where she's Filming a movie and they were in an area That they didn't really know so Aaron Was kind of going a little slower Looking around there was a guy with road Rage behind them well hold on did he Have road rage going in or did his road Rage develop because Aaron was driving Slowly and that's when things for the Real Housewives Stars got really real Finally Aaron and Denise they stop to Let this guy go around because he's like Kind of being scary and as he's driving Around he takes out a gun and shoots at The car the way it's described is that Aaron was like hey fellow motorists why Don't you just skedaddle by and the guy Squeezed off a shot if you watch the Real housewife Aaron is not a docile man So he probably yells they yelled at each Other even if Aaron mouthed off to the Guy there is no justification for firing Off a shot fortunately Denise made it Made it ironically her character is a Weapons expert and production was giving A gun safety presentation this is crazy Though right because he could hit the Gas line and restaurants well now it's a

Michael Bay movie Okay which is crazy because she had like A 12 hour shoot yeah because Denise is a Trooper and as the old Showbiz saying Goes The Show Must Go On even if a road Raging Maniac shoots a hole in your Truck glad you're both okay Denise and Aaron

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