Diddy Almost Fights ‘Power’ Actor While Dressed As Joker | TMZ Live

Foreign We're going to start with Diddy and one Of the actors from Power who got into a Um this close to being an actual fist Fight in a fight and it starts with a Costume and it it it it is bizarre when You're out on Halloween did he fully Probably seen on social media did he was The Joker and it said it was something He always wanted to do but he really Really committed to this and maybe too Much and in fact uh I'm good I gotta say I think Michael Ferguson from power Would say that he definitely committed Too much look at this interaction here And you can tell that Michael has no Idea who he's dealing with at first Foreign Does Ferguson have and Michael have any Idea that it's he did it ever you heard Him he said it's puff because he kept Because did he kept asking and kept Saying do you know who I am do you know Who I am and I I'm guessing one of the Other guys there maybe whispered it to Him because he and Charles I think you Can hear that it's it's Diddy's voice to Me and I would have been changed yeah You're right there's a part where he Changes and it's clearly didn't that's Where they're gonna get in a fight I Mean was it it's weird I mean this Role-playing in costume is dicey but why Were they about to fight well to me it

Looked like you know Diddy was obviously Taking it very seriously it was being a Little bit aggressive towards Michael And I think Michael probably does he has No idea that it's ditty obviously and he Thinks it's just some crazy person Screwing with him yeah I I would have Been defensive It looks like they're somewhere in Hollywood doesn't it yeah yeah it is It's in Hollywood People out there you haven't expect Someone to come up and get in your face That way so I get why Michael would get His back off and be like hey on Halloween yes you do it can be scary if If people like don't live in L.A and you Wonder like Hollywood it's not just all Like these A-list movie stars walking Around like it could be dicey in some Places and yeah Michael could have Thought that that was one of the people Who like acts out in front of the the Men's Chinese Theater I understand that But it is Halloween I I'm not Criticizing him for it it's just weird To me that it's Halloween for crying out Loud and what was Diddy but the guy was Screaming at him Diddy was screaming at Him as Joker before he knows who the Joker yeah but he's screaming you want To fight get over here and using other Language that obviously you heard was Bleeped out but that was clearly meant

To agitate Michael and it did I don't Know if I were in his position I would See where I would can I ask because I Don't I haven't heard the unbelievable Version of this Did he use a racial epithet He used it but not hurling it at him he Did use well I guess what I'm wondering He didn't use the N word at one point so If he did did Michael know that the person no idea who It is no no but he was a white guy That's all right right did you know this I should say this guys Michael do not Feel bad about yourself you're not the Only person that was got by Diddy Because Tyler the Creator he also uh he Also had a running with the joker yeah Oh my God so Diddy's just hanging out on Hollywood just walked around God yeah that's he had a happy happy Halloween I don't know if everybody else You ran into did How you doing man this buddy cannoli Coming in from Sacramento California and Uh did he was definitely committed to That thing man and I think dude just Thought he was some crazy person and it Could have turned out very ugly no Kidding I mean the good thing is that Did he had a bunch of people around who If it had gotten that far I think they Would have grabbed Michael and said no No no it's steady


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