Diddy Among Elon Musk’s Twitter Investors | TMZ TV

We learned that P Diddy played a role in Buying Twitter as you know Elon Musk Bought Twitter for 44 billion dollars And had a team of investors P Diddy was One of them and invested 10 million Dollars which is like a drop in the Bucket right it's 10 million at least That heat control it could be 10.2 or More it's such a small amount of money But it's a gesture that he's supportive That's what I thought of too because 10 Million dollars is a lot of money except The Elon Musk he's still winning his 10 Million at risk it's a huge risk too so Real clear based on the memo we sent Lots of people are going to be looking For a job on Monday over Twitter yup he Sent an ominous letter saying we're Locking the doors and if you get a Letter you have a job if you don't get a Letter you don't have a job if Elon Musk Says I'm shutting down Twitter I'm just Gonna eat this loss and he actually does Does he get villified or celebrated People would be so mad the truth is most People wouldn't care because most people Don't use Twitter that's the truth truth Is we wouldn't know because they'd have Nowhere to vent their frustrations You would shut it down and we wouldn't Know how they felt right

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