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[Music] Big news from Diddy this weekend Announcing that he has a new baby Um well I don't know if she's still new We had a daughter but she was born in October he just announced it this Weekend uh he said I'm blessed to Welcome my baby girl her name Love Sean Combs wow uh Mama Combs Quincy Justin Christian chance everybody the whole Family everyone all love you so much God Is the greatest so he didn't reveal who The mother was that's what everyone's Know but we found out and uh she is here In California in fact she had the baby In Newport beach in Orange County Um and it seems like that's where they Met yes her name is Dana Tran she works In the cyber security industries Beautiful girl uh 28 years old so you Know her and Diddy now had this new baby So no celebrity not a celebrity no not a Celebrity but I mean we've seen a few Women that Diddy has dated recently Definitely does have a type Um yeah she's pretty I don't know what Else to say about her like she's Gorgeous She makes her own money to whom are you Referring so we know that he was dating Daphne Joy who was uh 50 cents who was 50 Cent's kids mom Um there's no similarity very much Similarity but also right now he's but

He's also dating young Miami of the city Girls who people have been you know Waiting for her response and she tweeted Out basically implying she's gonna stick Beside her man they've always said that They're not exclusive to each other they Said it if it works for a relationship Where they date what's that to the test Though when you have a baby with Somebody else But I think even I mean I don't know the Situation because I don't know any of These women personally however ever I do Know that he's very public with Miami so I think at any point if a woman gets Involved with him knowing that you kind Of you know there must be some sort of Conversation agreement or something There that you know works for everybody So hey if it works for them Let them cry me back yeah Yeah I mean everybody's uh everybody's Happy about this right I I it is Interesting this as soon as ever the News was out that he had this baby Everyone was like what is Young Miami Going to do I mean I don't know they've always said it's an Open relationship and so it would be Weird if she didn't have the reaction She did right and then like you said the Baby was born in October so they've Probably been dealing with you probably Right it probably goes back to however

She found out and I'm sure that you know I mean they sat down and had a Conversation she's way too big of a Celebrity for her to just find out Online and they were just together last Week or last week in Miami in Miami yeah So everything's clearly everything's Cool yeah congrats or I guess we should Go back to call him Puff Daddy for Daddy Yeah hey see what I did witty sorry Charles I'm worthy of even sitting next To you happy holidays you guys it's Eddie from Michigan so P Diddy To the cities because he has an open Relationship with JT I mean young Miami And clearly they have an agreement where Everything is okay and he's definitely Living up to his bad boy for life stigma That he's put out in the music Puff Daddy P Diddy love Combs happy holidays Congratulations Excellent yes congrats to the the Growing family coming after you Nick Cannon [Music] Foreign [Music]

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