Doja Cat Quitting Music After Receiving Backlash For THIS Reason?!

Is Doja Cat really QUITTING music after getting   Tons of backlash from her fans 
in Paraguay? Let’s get into it. Doja Cat is no stranger to dealing 
with criticism and backlash,   Especially on Twitter. But it looks like this 
time around, it was all too much for her. The backlash Doja is receiving from some 
of her Paraguayan fans has gotten so bad,   She’s now claiming she’s “quitting” music!  So here’s the background on what 
went down to cause all of this. Doja Cat is currently on tour in South America 
and was supposed to do a concert in Paraguay.   However, the concert was canceled 
due to deadly storming and flooding. Fans that were supposed to attend were 
really mad that Doja didn’t show enough   Love to their country after the canceled concert. B-T-W, we want to emphasize that 
the concert was canceled due to   The storm and was obviously not Doja’s fault.  But, the internet peeped how Doja took to 
Twitter to apologize to her Brazilian fans   For not giving “a good enough show,” but was 
dead quiet about the situation in Paraguay. Doja Cat responded to all the online anger 
with “I’m not sorry,” and basically ignited   A Twitter beef between her, Paraguayan 
fans, and even a Paraguayan journalist   Who warned Doja, “you’re not going to 
win this fight against the Paraguayans.” Once that happened, many fans in Paraguay – or 
I guess we should say “former” fans– were like,   “Uh-uh, Doja Cat you do not want to catch these 
Twitter hands,” and hit right back at Doja. One person took to Twitter to detail why 
fans in Paraguay were so upset with her.   They tweeted, “[Doja Cat] said no 
one was waiting for her at the hotel   But she’s lying i have friends who were there 
for HOURS waiting for her to come and say hi…” The tweet thread also mentioned that 
people were waiting in line for the   Performance when the storm came and destroyed 
several parts of the festival and city.   Apparently, people in line 
waiting had to seek shelter. The Twitter user ended their thread by saying, 
all fine but you don’t even seem to care.” The account– and several other people– 
also pointed out how they thought Miley   Cyrus was a “true queen” for taking the time 
to shout out and sing to her Paraguayan fans   After her concert was also canceled, 
and her plane was struck by lightning. Needless to say, Doja wasn’t having 
it with any of the criticism.   She clapped back at multiple tweets about her 
saying she had moved on and was just gonna “let   Everyone be mad”, until she finally got fed 
up and changed her Twitter handle to “i quit.”

She then tweeted, “it’s gone and i don’t 
give a fuck anymore i fuckin quit i can’t   Wait to fucking disappear and i don’t 
need you to believe in me anymore. She continued, “Everything is dead to me, 
music is dead, and i’m a fucking fool for   Ever thinking i was made for this this 
is a fucking nightmare unfollow me.” Doja finally shared this message to her followers,   “This shit ain’t for me so 
I’m out. Y’all take care.” While it seems very unlikely that 
Doja Cat will actually “quit”   Music because she’s slated to go on 
tour with The Weeknd this summer,   We think some time away from Twitter for everyone 
involved and upset is probably a good idea. For more news on Doja Cat, click right 
over here for another Clevver News video. Next, hit those comments and let us know if 
you think Doja Cat really is quitting music   And your thoughts on this beef with 
some fans in the comment section below. I’m your girl, Sussan Mourad. You can find me on 
socials @sussan_mourad and I’ll see you next time!

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