Dr. Phil Talks with Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Who Say Netflix Got It Wrong | TMZ

Uh our approach to this is talking to uh The real people that were involved in This and I have to tell you many of them Were very upset uh by the Netflix Special and I'm and I say that at two Levels one just that it kind of brought Everything back to them and by them I'm Talking about family members of those That were lost and I talked to two men Uh that were actually traumatized by him Raped by him beaten by him tortured by Him but survived and got away and they Say who he really is and how he was Depicted in that series are two very Different people I think they feel like That in the Netflix special they weren't Excusing what he did but they felt like It was kind of romanticized And that it was contextualized in that You sort of there was a pull to kind of Understand how he got to be where he was And an empathy pull and they said that Is not who he was this was a Cold-blooded killer that took great Pleasure in torturing people dragging it Out and then murdering them they Encountered him in the military and and Of course you want to ask what happened And and how how was he to deal with they Said he was so scary they were afraid to Report him but Billy Capshaw did he went To the military nurse and asked for a Rape kit and said the whole thing was Buried because they didn't want to

Acknowledge that there was any gay Activity going on in the military the Revelations that they gave about his Demeanor and how he was really lined up With how I was analyzing him as an the Individual based on the interview I did With his father and stepmother who Helped raise him some time ago and when I sat down with his father in some and You'll see some exclusive never before Seen uh interview footage that I did With him I asked him some very direct questions About what he was like growing up did he Miss red flags and the revelations that He gave were Beyond disturbing I don't Blame the father for the son's choices This was an adult son he made his Choices he has to own them but I think There was denial and enablement every Step of the way this was a perfect storm In Jeffrey Dahmer's journey of killing People

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