‘Drag Race’ Star Eureka O’Hara Says Fear Tactics to Blame for Gay Club Massacre | TMZ

Do you think that there's a way that we Can stop the horrible attitude that some People have towards members of the Transgender Community the gay community That sort of stuff how do we stop future Tragedies like this I think the only way That we're going to be able to stop Future tragedies like what's happened in Colorado what happened at Pulse and In our history is education I think People need to be educated on who we are As people and what our agenda is and it Has nothing to do with straight people Or their children or anything else it Has to do with us trying to coexist and Trying to thrive stop trying to create Fear tactic and propaganda to support Your discrimination yeah allow us to be human beings and live our lives Trans people have always had to be Strong and tough because this isn't the First time that trans person's probably Had to defend theirself maybe physically At least emotionally you know probably Spiritually and the truth is is like we Will fight back you know because we've Always had to fight back we didn't we Never started the fight but we're going To defend ourselves because we have to You know and the truth is is honey trans People are everything and they love Themselves and they always are great When they're supported with a little Dick yeah to help them along the way

Right right shows like yours help you Know viewers but also people who who You're involving in the show help give a Different perspective and a new sort of Awareness on on the issues that Transgender and you know even drag Queens sort of face Um it can have a powerful effect in These sort of you know fun shows but Also have a really deeper meaning While we're here season three comes out November 25th the day after the holiday And I just hope that people invite their Families to watch her to one be educated But also relate with us with queer People with with we're here we're not Going anywhere it's the only type of Person or sexuality or anything that you Don't need other queer people to create Queer people or queer species it shows Up in every race every species Everywhere right and we're not going Anywhere yeah stop trying to make it a Dictation or a choice it's just who we Are

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