DRAM Revisits Violent Drake Encounter Following ‘Her Loss’ Diss | TMZ

This is how I really put it you know if You put away you know put to the side The master success all the crazy things Like I I feel as though he's threatened By my musical Talent my abilities my Immense Talent you know what I'm saying Like like you know like you know he Wants to sing he wants to sing but he Can he who Oh When you really want to do something Like that but you just can't this is God Giving you know what I'm saying bro I Overstand that you know ever since ever Since you know what I'm saying like all Those years and for it to be this long Ago and for it to still be fresh on One's mind you know what I mean like It's just it's a great thing and I over Thing you know what I mean like bro it's It's really it's really in me not only I'm saying and you'll be able to hear it On Thursday you're saying what happened Was we have to have straightening We have to have strength no matter how Is this packaged up or anything like That or whatever we have to have Strength and if that's a thing where It's like no let's pass that or whatever Then all right this is this is the the Talk on this [ __ ] I'm saying after that We back on the music bro like come on Man your family big babes in real life The patient in uh 2017 out Coachella

Um Yeah like bro he was he's not a party I Approached him you know what I'm saying Like like he was like hey bro you need To talk you know what I'm saying stepped Outside it was like a whole Army of that Like 15 some guys I'm saying is that What I had to say bro like I'm saying Like You know What you mean bro It's about to get ugly next thing I'm Like oh [ __ ] this really went down the Adrenaline going up so crazy but that [ __ ] was wild like I'm saying it was a uh It was wild but I mean at the end of the Day it was like kind of feel like Like lit like damn like what the [ __ ] Like that [ __ ] went down and I'm not no Internet ass [ __ ] It's a lot like I'm saying you would Never know for real bro like I keep like That's not smile on my face bro but I Believe it's like the next man bro like But I don't do that like the internet Tacticals type stuff because I am so in Belief that God has blessed me with this Musical Talent all I got to do is just Stay on it straight and narrow when I See someone in person that's when I see Them but like that's insane That's what it is I'm taking it as like A blessing to be honest you know I'm

Saying like Like bro to you know to still be on this Guy's you know mind and [ __ ] like how It's set up so crazy like you know I'm Dropping you know on Thursday Brody like You know what I'm saying like this is This is one of the ones like okay cool Like whoa that's fire this album bro is Literally like the most emotional Raw To the Core Kind of like a musical explanation of Where I've been and what I was going Through but it was the idea that was Hatched like hey bro what about changing The name you know Shelly FK drums I'm Like You know at the time I was just so Excited for you know the people that Were representing me to be excited again I'm like all right let's run it you know What I'm saying I believe that Changing To my government name you know at the Time was uh Like my easiest route to like get away From the the attachment of just like oh Drop like when you think drama just to Think broccoli like bro like you know I Have amazing projects I'm saying like Like records that that feel so great That showcase my singing abilities you Know sweet Virginia God just blessed me Differently you know I'm blessed and to Be able to make songs so seamlessly the

Way that I do you know what I mean like Like what God has for me is for me you Know I know that I'm dealing with a lot Of opposition in the industry you know Like he's the biggest in the world the Biggest rapper in the world you know What I'm saying like Okay you're saying like come on bro yo I'ma still continue to do what I do like I mean like I was blessed to have a a a A massive record after the whole Everything you know what I'm saying

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