Dua Lipa Recreates Viral LAZY Dance That Once Caused Her ‘Grief’

Dua Lipa just opened up about reclaiming that
“lazy” viral dance move, and admitted That all the trolls actually caused her “a
lot of grief.”  Let’s get into it. Dua Lipa’s “Future Nostalgia” tour is
in full swing, with Dua recently ROCKING the Stage in New York City, Washington D.C., Columbus,
and other cities across the U.S. But Dua took a break from her very busy tour
to stop by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon On Thursday, to talk all things “Future
Nostalgia,” collaborating with Elton John, And of course, that viral dance move. During her chat on The Tonight Show, Dua reflected
on her once-ridiculed choreography during An early performance, which, as you might
remember, became instant material back in 2018. The whole thing went down when Dua was performing
her song, ”One Kiss,” and just repeatedly Twisted her hips back and forth—a move many
fans considered super awkward. But thankfully, it seems like Dua is ready
to laugh about the infamous choreography, Saying of the move, “it looks like she’s
trying to put her shoe on in a rush or something.’” Hilarious. And yeah….not exactly wrong! Dua then opened up to Jimmy about reclaiming
the dance after it received so much hate back In 2018, and talked about why she’s choosing
to include it in her new shows. “I’ve brought it back, I’m doing it
on my tour, I’m reclaiming it, because there Was a moment there where it actually caused
me a lot of grief. Like I was being bullied online. It wasn’t very nice”  Dua got real about how cyberbullies actually
started to affect her real life, after trolls Were…pretty ruthless about mocking her choreography,
calling it “lazy” and “uninspired.” But thankfully, Dua was able to put a positive
spin on the experience, and explained to Jimmy That actually, the whole thing ended up helping
her “grow into the artist” she wanted To become and we couldn’t be more proud
of her growth! “It made me work harder. I went in, I did more rehearsal. I just wanted to become a real performer,
and I think that was kind of the thing I needed.”  Dua and Jimmy then did the iconic dance and
we are loving it! Dua has actually been making it a point to
DO the dance onstage as she performs “Don’t Start Now,” which makes fans go wild.

Fans have been living for Dua’s “Future
Nostalgia” era, even if she still has the…occasional Mishap. Earlier this week, while performing in D.C.,
Dua was singing and dancing along to her song, “New Rules,” before she accidentally dropped
her mic into the crowd. Whoops! At least now we know she was singing live! Thankfully, a stage worker brought Dua a new
mic and she finished the song, saying, ”I Got way too excited.”  Brush off the haters, Dua! We love that for you! Now go ahead and click right over here for
more on Selena Gomez proving she’s a full-on Dua stan after she was spotted at her New
York City show. Then let me know all your thoughts on Dua
reclaiming this viral “lazy” dance move. This is the way to do it right?! Just gotta own it.  I’m your girl Carly Henderson, come find
me on social media @carlyhenderson_, and I’ll See you next time! 

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