Duke Deuce Introduces ‘Deucifer’ Alter Ego, Agrees Memphis Has Rap Crown | TMZ

Social media is is kind of like shining The light on the city you know I’m Saying Shining Light on talent and Memphis been had this Talent it’s just That we didn’t have like before social Media it was hard to be seen you feel me Now I feel like it’s just being seen and It’s like okay defaults different Everybody going crazy right now out the City you coming with a different Lane It takes a little longer to Not knock Autos move all those mountains Like you said move those mountains Because it’s like you know people kind Of like they like what you doing but They like I don’t know if I want to go All the way in with it yet because I Want to see what everybody else do I Feel like most of them be bandwagon and And it’s all about timing also so when That time come It’s just gonna it’s gonna blow cause The music gonna speak for itself through A Halloween album because I know how my Sound is and this is going to be perfect For the time bro like ain’t none greater Lucifer not Lucifer Yeah that’s my twin right there you know What I’m saying that’s my all to Ego That’s the uh dark side of me the pain The struggle that I went through and you Know he’s really He’s behind all the lyrics and the sound You feel me he he’s motivating me and

You know he’s influencing me to go a Little crazy Honestly this this would be the best one Um the best one And Pretty controversial Oh how so I’m speaking my truth I’m speaking my Truth and that’s what Deuces for Okay it’s all about the truth the pain The real honestly I feel like It’s real music really Is a part of crunk music honestly like It’s like a A baby to crunk music like cause when You think about it when Drea first came Well when we first heard a dream of Music Through Chief Keef He was cronking some off of him don’t Like that was crunk as they was all Over the floor they was pushing each Other they were crying You know what I’m saying so they let you Know Memphis influenced a lot of this Still And can’t get away from it you can’t get Away from it you can’t deny It is what it is

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