Elijah Wood Says He Gets Mistaken For Daniel Radcliffe, Would Play Him In Biopic | TMZ

Hey did you see Daniel Radcliffe said he Would want you to play him in like a Buy Opening amazing would you be down to do Something like that with the old Switcheroo sure the old Switcheroo Down's the best he he thinks that you Know you guys look kind of similar we do Get that a lot do you do you often get Mistaken for Daniel Radcliffe I have had That many many times have you played Into it uh no I've never signed anything As him but have you like shaken hands And said I'm a wizard or you know what I Mean no no you'd be down you'd be down If it came about sure I would just love To work with him he's a lovely human Being hey that'd be awesome man hey Thank you so much Elijah cheers man bye

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