‘Ellen’ DJ Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Dead at 40 by Suicide | TMZ LIVE

So we are starting today with some very Sad news that is just absolutely rocked To the entertainment world uh the death Of Stephen twitch boss uh DJ Stephen Twitch boss who was incredibly popular As the DJ on Ellen DeGeneres's talk show For several years what eight years he Was her DJ was also an executive Producer on the show but he was found Dead on Tuesday in a hotel here in LA And it is as you can imagine obviously Everyone from Ellen to I can't the Reaction to this has been absolutely Devastating and it's because of the Person that everyone in the public got To know uh twitch as as a fun-loving Incredible Entertainer a dancer you know Obviously his big break in Hollywood was Being the runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance and from there he's gone on to Do a lot of acting but yes Ellen was the Thing where everyone body every day on a Daily basis got to know and love him so We'll get to the sad part of this story About what happened or what we know so Far about what happened before he was Found dead yeah and what we're told Right now guys is look his his wife Allison went to the police station Yesterday she was concerned uh she said Look he left home he doesn't have his Car this isn't like him it's out of Character and then around 11 15 a.m Paramedics got a call to a hotel that's

Less than a mile from his house and uh And he was discovered there uh that he Had suffered an apparent self-inflicted Gunshot wound now we know he checked Into this hotel on Monday morning so it Was about 24 hours later when they got That call for paramedics but when he Checked into the hotel we spoke to Staffers who said look he appeared Normal he wasn't upset he had one bag With him uh and he had only booked the Hotel for a night so I mean look we Don't know exactly what was going on but It the first word that comes to mind is Depression yeah that um there was Something that he was battling that we Just didn't know That it would be hard to know just based On what we saw and especially when you Look at his social media account just a Few days before his death he was dancing With his wife Allison something that he Frequently did on social media and They're both incredible dances they met And So You Think You Can Dance and a lot Of people I think discovered both of Them uh from these these videos that They did which would oftentimes go viral Um they did these dances together Sometimes they brought their three kids In into it as well and on top of that They just celebrated their nine-year Wedding anniversary just this past Weekend so all signs were pointing

Towards things being completely fine and Like you said Charles the celebrity Community I mean really just Entertainment Community the whole Country completely shocked by this Notably of course Ellen DeGeneres Tweeted about it this morning he posted Um a really sweet photo of herself and Twitch she said I'm heartbroken twitch Was pure love and light he was my family And I loved team with all my heart I Will miss him please send your love and Support to Allison and his beautiful Children Wesley Maddox and Zaya and the Reaction has been like that from a lot Of other celebrities and uh here at the Fox Family obviously knew him people at Fox worked with him on So You Think You Can Dance he was on uh also was on an All-Star season of so you think he can Dance and he hosted earlier this year The real dirty dancing a reality uh Dance competition and they as well Expressed much of what Ellen said just That this is a devastating loss and that He was that person who always lit up the Room And you know it reminded me someone and We were talking about this morning after We broke the story that Um it reminded some people of Robin Williams Where you know outwardly they seem to be This incredibly everything seemed to be

Happy but you just don't know you don't Know what people are going through and It appears that's uh what happened here With twitch and it is a devastating loss And honestly you know it's devastating Everybody Across America I mean we're Just in shock we're in awe I mean he was A terrific person his Vibe his energy I Mean a lit up every living room Across America and I don't know what to say I Mean it's just unbelievable here in this News but that's just for reminders that We need to hug our loved ones and family Members just a little bit tighter Tonight yeah I think that's exactly Right and check in with people you know Even the ones you think everything is Great To have that uh that check-in because Wow Um and I got to tell you you know we can You know Harvey's mentioned this before That we have analytics that we see here That you can tell when a story is really Um having impact and the way people are Reacting to this it is Um I think a perfect sign of exactly what He meant to so many people

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