Elon Musk Parties With Celebs On Halloween | TMZ Live

Foreign Musk and his appearance last night At a Halloween party I think this is now Two nights in a row that Um he has been at Big Halloween parties This one may be the biggest of all uh Heidi klum's annual Affair and Elon Showed up I I don't know what the Costume is exactly some sort of warrior Uh but he brought his mom oh we know That he's uh tight with Mom kind of a Weird move to do to show up to a Halloween party with your mom I think For him I think what his outfit is it's Some type of Red Samurai it's being Reported that his costume costs around Seven thousand dollars I believe he has The money so I don't think that's that Big of a deal but I think so he was Obviously one of the biggest stars but Heidi Klum absolutely killed it again With her worm costume I mean that's just Amazing costume well it's it's amazing When you look at her husband because There's a point to it right yeah there's A connection Tom is the uh the the Fisherman there and hook Heidi who's got Her on the hook now the funny part about This is Heidi did not stay a worm all Night long the way a caterpillar turns Into a butterfly a worm can turn into This A girl in lingerie yeah I don't think I've ever seen that in nature I don't

Know What discovery shows you're watching but It's a National Geographic thing sure Uh but yes uh it was a very successful Party again for the one thing I wonder About is Elon Musk is taking a lot of Heat for what he did over the weekend uh When that Paul Pelosi conspiracy theory Which was completely baseless unfounded And he's getting dragged like crazy for That and he is on social media and in The media but he's not hiding from Anything he's like I said been to this Is the second Halloween party we've seen Him go to and Um the first one he was actually hanging Out with his ex-wife which also was Shocked when you read way more bizarre Than him going with it because it was a Terrible terrible divorce Um but I I don't know I just find it Really interesting that he mingled and That didn't come up because this is a Flash point now I mean do you think Someone brought it up to him at the Party Like this does someone go hey what's Going on with um Charles I think there Is so much outrage over what happened And with him and what he did that yeah I could see certain people absolutely Doing that I mean it was I mean this What he did is really ominous for Twitter yeah hey guys this is Aaron in

Ohio and I find it hilarious Um I think him Throwing Shade at one of The parties is is kind of funny I think He thinks the whole notion of joining a Political team is kind of silly in my Opinion I don't understand what that Means do you think that Elon thinks it's Silly to join a particular party yes Exactly I just think he thinks it's an Antiquated idea just the two the two Different parties there are a lot of People who believe that That's one thing the other thing is Again what happened over the weekend Twitter going to be that's right Foreign

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