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Foreign Big story we broke this morning about Elon musk's plan for the content Moderation Council now he announced this Last month that he was going to have This board essentially formed but how Much power is it going to have well now We know because we got this video of Elon Musk speaking this is something This is not anything that he's posted This is him speaking to employees at Twitter senior employees over the Weekend right uh discussing this uh Content moderation board and it doesn't Sound like he is giving them the Slightest bit about paper tiger yeah let Me just be clear about it we are going To do a Content Council but it's an Advisory Council It's not a Uh those that they're not the ones who Are actually at the end of the day it Will be me deciding and like any Pretense to the contrary is uh simply Not true Um because obviously you know I could Choose who's on that content Council Um and I don't need to listen to what They say I can choose who sits on the Council and I don't have to listen to What they say there's your answer the Point is that this content moderation Council means absolutely nothing and you Have to keep in mind after Elon Musk

Bought Twitter there was an immediate Surge in hate speech misinformation Disinformation which had a lot of people Very concerned so we proposed this Council as a way of bringing diverse Voices together and all coming to an Agreement on what can be posted what Should be taken away but as he's shown In these past few weeks it means nothing Because with Donald Trump even though he Left it up as a vote for people this Past Friday he was the one who Ultimately decided whether or not he'd Be brought back on the platform so this Is all just meaningless well you got to Understand because the Donald Trump Thing is interesting because what he Insinuated with Donald Trump just the Way he insinuated with the council he Insinuated with Trump that people are Going to vote and presumably majority Will speak no he didn't say that the Majority did win but he made it clear it Was his decision so even if the you know Trump only got 32 percent saying he Should come back on Elon probably would Have said yeah you're going to come it's Almost like he's taking the temperature Just like he did with the with the Trump Poll and maybe that's his plan for the The board this council is just taking The temperature to see if they agree With him then he can hold it up as look I have other people supporting me right

If they disagree we probably won't ever Hear what they what they said no I I do Want to just one thing is that you know You can't romanticize about what Twitter Twitter used to be like pretty line Because it was still a super bad and you Know you had these extremes on both Sides that were basically controlling The dialogue and companies were Listening to these extremes but so it Was a mess but you can't but you can't Ignore the fact that I'm not saying it's Not worse right what I'm just saying Don't romanticize about what it was to That point I mean the only reason he Even brought up this Council this Moderation Council was in in response to The fact that there had been this sharp Increase flux yeah in hate speech so Part of the video that I thought was Really interesting when he said any Pretense to the contrary that you know That other than that I'm the one who's Going to be in control right it's false Well that pretense was created by you Right well you're the one who created The pretense when you said absolutely I Know there's a lot of hate speech but I'm gonna form this board don't worry About it absolutely Hi I'm Rose Malay I'm from Tempe Arizona And look this is a guy who put up a Twitter poll to determine whether or not To unban Donald Trump off of Twitter his

Reign has been chaotic but I'm not gonna Lie it's been exciting maybe it's a Breach of power who knows but he paid 44 Billion dollars for Twitter so I think He's going to be the one making the Final call what you just said is really Interesting when you said it's exciting Because I think a lot of people are Going to stay on to see the drivers what Happened yeah exactly Thank you

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