Emily Ratajkowski Doesn’t ‘Believe In Straight People’ | TMZ TV

Bigfoot the Loch Ness monster straight People what do they all have in common They don't exist at least according to Emily radakowski Emily so you know I Gotta ask you you said that you don't Believe in straight people what does That mean girl yes Emily recently came Out as bisexual by participating in a Tick tock Trend where people reveal they Have a green couch which means they're Bi but she doubled down saying she Doesn't believe anyone's truly straight If you think that everybody is like is Bi or like at least by curious the Sliding scale that's exciting scale I Love it oh I wonder where she got that From do you think she got it from you Yes I've been saying this for years wow You look amazing for being 128 doctor Because it was actually biologist Alfred Kinsey who came up with the concept Alfred Kinsey said that sex is actually A spectrum your sexual orientation is Not one or the other you're actually Everyone's on a spectrum don't you think This is all like little dipping your toe In bisexuality is kind of doing a Disservice to people who are actually Bisexual It a joke no it doesn't make it a joke It makes it an opportunity cause now There are double the amount of people to Bang or in some people's cases get Turned down by can we Circle back to the

Green couch thing is that true my Husband has one in his office I know we talked about it at dinner He sure did so on a sliding scale of how Threatened she should feel it's probably In the negative thanks for the Clarification Emily it's a sliding scale Exciting scale I love it

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