Erica Mena Tells Critics of Her Child Support to Mind Their Business | TMZ

Because things been in the news like say With um Kim Kardashian's divorce and you Have a similar you had a divorce both of You guys you know what you what are you Going through right now with that Um it's just New Beginnings you know Like uh sometimes just things just have To come to an end and I know I'm Relieved I'm sure in her own way she's Relieved it's just more about being Healthy and yeah how's the single life Right now Oh good I was getting a chance to Indulge with myself and be with my kids And I'm enjoying myself into work so I'm Really happy speaking about kids I know With the um you've also had the same Situation as Kim with the child support Things payments and a couple of people Are saying how does that is you know People been saying you know everybody That makes money shouldn't really ask For it you or from your perspective mind Their business kids are expensive are You know expensive and you know Everyone's lifestyle and how you know It's funded is different so everyone Should just mind their business when it Comes to what they feel is suitable for Individuals to get in conversations and Take care of their kids you know it Takes two to take off so that's right Well much success at all that you're Doing with the career and I I love your

Movement honestly thank you so much I Really appreciate the love and thank you Guys for being so nice we always are

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