Fat Joe Talks About Run-In with Kanye West After Antisemitic Backlash | TMZ

The part of your story that you really Get that comes out in this book is how You know growing up uh in the Bronx and Being you know a street Hustler at some Point I'm wondering when you made that The term when you made the decision you Had that life and you were successful in That life but now you're in music when Did you make that decision when did you Know it was time To make a move so I was in the streets I Was hustling Doing great Um and then a bunch of my friends they Invented the RICO law then and a bunch Of my friends they'd be like they caught These guys 60 of them the guys that haul Them 70 of them these guys some clam on 70 and I said yo you know what I gotta get out of here cause I'm gonna Wind up going down a lot of these guys Are still in jail Since 1992 1993. Oh so God blessed me I went to the Apollo Theater I won amateur night four Weeks in a row I met DJ Red Alert who took my demo and Played it every week that became my First single flow joke and the rest is History I didn't know this until a few Minutes ago Kanye showed up at your doorstep I came Out my hotel room And I seen him he was just like he was

There and so uh He's always been a good friend of mine For many many years and all I could say Is I gave him my opinion you know Uh to never be hurtful to nobody or Nothing like this and trusting God And um and that was that that was an Amazing moment but uh I'm praying for Him I've been praying for him every Night tell them the truth And I told him you know uh I love him And God is great and look to God and Also you know just be mindful with People You know what I'm saying you heard Because we got friends we've got friends All religions all walks of life I know People that love them and so you know Hopefully he'll take my advice I've seen Will Smith 10 seconds after how about That one get out you give him any advice Did you talk to him yes for like an hour Oh my God download us come on Will's Amazing man he's a good spirits he's Great man what a beautiful guy he told Me such an incredible story just about Life that it was like we were Mind-boggles bro I mean You know Will Smith is a very Intelligent guy Very beautiful guy and I went and did The red table talk with uh his wife Jada Her mother her daughter her daughter had A fun time an amazing to listen this

Book November 15th yes everybody going Through a tough time a dark time in life You will see that I went through Everything And I'm still able to smile this would Help you with depression this will help You with anything you're going in life This will inspire you to book a whole Day

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