Fivio Foreign Cannot Believe 21 Savage’s Nas Disrespect | TMZ

Bobby I gotta ask you man you're the King of New York right now yeah so when You talk when I'm hearing about this Craziness about Nas who he said he's Worn the crown in New York for a year Yeah that's a fact Um Did too much that I'm saying to be like You know I'm saying to be disrespected Like that and I'm saying that's a big Bro I'm from right you know what I'm Saying that I was just on we just got a Green for the album I just was on you Got to grab me so that is I mean so when You're talking about relevancy do you See any part of the argument to be Factual because I mean I get it Too much so there's no way he could ever Be irrelevant based on well that's like [ __ ] that's like you know what I'm Saying you a legend you it's like you Can you can do what you want you come Back when you want you believe when you Want what I'm saying yeah that's what it Is I mean even uh what um Kodak was even Saying yeah that's crazy Any message to those who would who would Uh you know continue to kind of try to Run that narrative I don't know listen What I do is do what I do there's some More more about yourself I didn't know what I'm saying like I Just work with myself I don't want to

Watch yourself and even worry about the Next game and I'm sure like to get to Know the status that's his mentality too Like he ain't worried about all right I Don't think he I don't think he's even Going to talk about that right well hey Last thing man you just did a team up With uh Eli Manning are you running at Our site bro uh I gotta know like it was I'm just be honest I'm gonna be honest I Want some honesty yeah he lies problems Were not in the pocket okay you're the Pocket king bro like did you what what Could you nah he did his thing man I Don't know he a legend he's a legend That's King New York he'll kicked me up Too so we can't talk badly about his Rhymes okay you know what I'm you if you Say so you're the goat right now so I'm Gonna I'm gonna take that

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